With over 20 years experience of CAD & CAM as well as professional drafting qualifications, acer are more than capable to produce the designs you need.

From concept to drawing, we have full and wide ranging software capabilities including; AutoDesk AutoCad, Inventor, Solidworks, ProCam.

Whether a 1 off part drawing is required from a sample, or a full assembly drawing pack with BOM is required, acer can help.

FEA, CFD and Stress Analysis can also be performed where necessary.

Cogs Illustration


Digital or real world prototyping.

Within our facility we house a large range of manufacturing equipment including;  CNC machinery, 3D printing machines, Laser cutting & etching, welding and anodising. 

We can go from concept to product in rapid time to ensure your needs are met.



Engineering is problem solving, and acer are here to help solve the problem. 

With vast experience in all aspects of engineering including; precision machining, fabrication, tool making, pressing, EPD and Powdercoating,structural, environmental and health & safety. 

acer can help your business; improve production line efficiency, innovate a new product to widen your market, develop a product to its full potential, re-design, streamline, cost save and more.

acer can engineer it.



Specialists in project management. acer have overseen multi-million pound projects on a global scale. 

From the Japanese Space Agency to local UK councils and globally recognized oem's like GE and Nissan. acer have a proven record of controlling your project in its entirety.


From concept, through design, costing, contractors, finance to install and commissioning, acer can bring your project in on time and on budget.